My path to yoga started with various eastern martial arts I discovered as a teenager starting in 1988. I learned some things about  myself while training in that discipline and appreciate it for developing certain skills and qualities which I still draw upon today.

Ultimately, this was a launching platform for me from which I discovered yoga. At first it was just rudimentary Hatha practices I learned from various sources, - books, magazines, even my mother!


This is of course before the internet. After I finished  school, I wanted to meet the yogis and, went to India, where I spent some time living with the sadhus and studying the Vedic literature and practicing yoga every day in an ashram.

Spending that time in India during my formative years, made me more introspective and interested in human development and to search for the purpose in human life.

When I moved to Los Angeles, I met Christine Stein, who introduced me to Iyengar Yoga. 

In 2001, I traveled to Pune to study with the Iyengar family at the RIMYI Institute and have made several more trips after that.

Iyengar Yoga is known for it’s sophisticated, intelligent sequencing and ever-evolving method of teaching and is known for using props to enable an individual to  benefit by practicing yoga regardless of their age, health, shape or fitness level. This method is known for it’s widely documented therapeutic effects on medical patients. 


My teaching style is methodical, reflective of the Iyengar method. I encourage my students to delve deep into the subject and to challenge themselves to go beyond their comfort zone, and learn the asanas  progressively, step by step.

I subscribe to philosophy -”student first” and continue to improve my practical knowledge by regularly attending workshops and teacher trainings with some of the most respected and reputable teachers around the world. 

It’s rewarding for me to be able to help my fellow students to gradually advance beyond their perceived limits and succeed in their practice doing what seemed “impossible” just several months/years ago.

I currently hold an Intermediate Junior III certificate and have completed first of its kind 3-year Therapeutic Yoga Teacher training program with Manouso Manos in 2017. 

I teach yoga in Los Angeles since 2002 and lead workshops and  retreats both locally and internationally.

Please see my “Retreat” and “Workshop” pages for the upcoming retreats and workshops.

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“Vlad, has been my teacher for 3 &1/2 years and I have no plans to change it. I attend his classes twice weekly,have taken private lessons and been to a number of his workshops. He is great!!!  Great energy, great personality and great teacher.  Although he is classically trained in Iyengar yoga, he has a broad base of experience to draw on and incorporates a number of disciplines to keep things fresh.  I particularly enjoy practicing with Vlad because developing and maintaining strength is as important to him as pursuing flexibility and balance in both, body and mind.

 Another benefit of working with Vlad is he is strong.  As such, he can adjust you and help you get into alignment in a way that allows you to feel the pose, rather than simply hearing the instruction.  He will also encourage you to try new things  and before you know it, you will be doing things you didn't believe you could - whether it’s as simple as connecting to your toes for the first time in years or doing arm balances in the middle of the room, you will see results.  In addition to being an outstanding teacher, he is genuinely a nice person.  He is pleasant to be around both in and out of class. I can't recommend practicing with Vlad enough.  There are lots of wonderful yoga teachers out there; however, Vlad stands out because of his expertise, passion and belief that most of us are capable of more than we believe”.

Lawrence A. Tabb
Attorney at Law
Los Angeles, CA

“Over the years I’ve heard so much about yoga, but never tried it and had no idea of it’s benefits. Shortly after I began working at USC/ISI/MOSIS Service, a coworker asked if I’d like to come to take a yoga class with Vlad - a new job perk, and am I glad I did! After my first class in April 2018, I felt my knees stronger like never before.  And the following morning woke up with no back pain what’s so ever.  It was amazing! I was baffled how with Vladimir’s guidance, I was able to access areas of my body I haven’t really felt move this way before. As time went on through the year, I am feeling less chronic aches and pains in my back, no more chiropractor, NO more Advil for backaches!   YOGA IS NOW MY MEDICINE OF CHOICE! 

It has revolutionized my life and I now share it with everyone the simplicity of getting healed faster and easier through yoga. Thank you Vladimir for teaching, instructing us the power and benefits of yoga 🙏”

Thayer Diab,
Computer Science research analyst
Marina Del Rey, CA

“I’ve been taking classes with Vladimir for the past few years. What I enjoy most about his classes is that he is challenging, but also fun --- and he incorporates fresh ideas regularly! I also love that he is rooted in classical Iyengar tradition while still remaining approachable for students of all backgrounds and abilities.”

Allison Lei, RYT 200 HR
Los Angeles, CA

“Vladimir is one of the best yoga instructors bar none!  I came to him with physical ailments that I've dealt with for years.  Staying consistent with classes, I reduced my symptoms dramatically and saw a great deal of improvement in my flexibility and posture.  Vladimir is great when it comes to attention to detail and knowing how much to push his students.  I am forever grateful for coming across him and his teachings”.

Jordan R. Film director
Hollywood, CA

Vladimir Jandov is an excellent Iyengar Yoga teacher. I have been one of his students for over seven years at Yoga Works Santa Monica/Montana and Yoga Works Playa Vista. I have taken his Level 2/3 classes and his Level 1/2 classes, and all of these classes are well-organized and stimulating--both mentally and physically. 

I find that Vladimir is very articulate in his verbal descriptions and directions during class  and his clarity and focus help his students to develop their asana practice in a mindful and healthy way. This is particularly important to me as a yoga student, but also because I am a Doctor of Chiropractic. I look to the Iyengar teachers for guidance about the safe and best ways to be aware of body alignment to heal from injuries and prevent any future injuries. Since Vladimir has done extra training in Yoga Therapeutics, he is qualified to assist his students when special medical issues arise. 

My prior career as a trial attorney leads me to appreciate Vladimir's  logical and linear manner of communication and to enjoy the way he keeps his classes lively. His subtle sense of humor and his willingness to challenge us all to attempt more advanced asanas, when appropriate, creates an open and creative energy each time he teaches.  I always look forward to going to Vladimir's classes, and I recommend him to both beginning and advanced students who want to study Iyengar Yoga.  

Dr. Cheryl Joy Bratman  

“I’ve been attending Vladimir’s yoga classes regularly for about eight years. He is knowledgeable, disciplined and creative in what he chooses to teach in each class and how he teaches it. I appreciate his sensitivity to different students’ ability to master different yoga positions due to body type, age, physical challenges, previous training, and frequency of practice. Over the years, Vladimir has become more and more adventurous in creating synergies between basic yoga positions which, consequently, has enabled his students to discover new opportunities for mastery and to experience more variety in their practice. I look forward to working with and learning from Vladimir in the years to come”.

Marta Vago,
Santa Monica, CA, USA

“Vladimir is a brilliant and inventive teacher who brings something new to every class.  While faithfully covering the Iyengar basics, Vladimir always manages to add a new twist or a new way of doing things that keeps our practice fresh.  I will long remember a recent class in which we did all of our poses with eye-wraps on!  Every pose took on a new and deeper meaning.   Vladimir is extremely knowledgeable, and a great demonstrator.  If you have the opportunity to study with him, by all means, do it!

Ted Dodd,
Script editor at Fox studios
Los Angeles (Vladimir’s student for 3 years)

“Classes taught by Vladimir are always an adventure.  Since taking my first Vladimir class over five years ago I knew I was in a different kind of Iyengar yoga class.  For myself, I found the foundational Iyengar yoga that I learned became a launching point in a Vlad class.  His classes are always dynamic and physically challenging…even in his restorative classes!  I always feel like he sees more in my ability than even I do, which challenges me to try harder and be more confidant.  I will always be grateful to Vladimir for helping my yoga be better.

A.B. Silver Lake, CA