My very first contact with yoga was thanks to my mother Sofia, who learned Hatha Yoga in 1980-es, and taught Yoga to students at the local art school she worked at. Sometimes I was the demo boy showing students how to do some of the asanas. Eventually I discovered there are other-spiritual aspects of yoga by reading Bhagavad Gita, – the crown jewel among other spiritual treasures originated from India.


Above I am with Guruji, Sri BKS Iyengar and my dear partner, Lilia Toneva – an accomplished Bharat Natyam dancer, who performed for Guruji and guests at the Yoga Journal conference in Moscow, Russia in April of 2009.

As an adolescent, I wanted  to meet the yogis and so, I went to India,  and lived and served with the monks in Vrindavan, an ancient town littered with hundreds of temples of Krishna, while studying the Gita, Upanishads and serving the local people and wandering pilgrims.

  Driven by the summer heat and my wanderlust nature, I first ventured into the Himalayas and then to southern parts of the subcontinent and traveled throughout many of India’s diverse regions, discovering the ancient heritage of this culturally rich land with all of it’s raw beauty & diversity. Spending that time in India during my formative years, made me more introspective and interested in human development and to search for "meaning of life".

 Shortly after I moved to Los Angeles, I met Christine Stein, who introduced me to the Iyengar Yoga method which was a transformative experience for me.  In 2001, I for the first time traveled to Pune and studied with the Iyengar family at world famous RIMYI Institute. After a couple of more trips and comprehensive 3 years training and apprenticeship with Chris Stein and teacher training with senior teacher Karin O’Bannon, I was certified in the Iyengar method of teaching, which has influenced millions of yoga practitioners around the world.

Iyengar Yoga is known for it’s highly sophisticated, intelligent sequencing and ever-evolving method of teaching and is known for using props to enable an individual to  benefit by practicing yoga regardless of their age, health, shape or fitness level. 

The Iyengar method of teaching is known for it’s widely documented therapeutic effects on medical patients.  I am interested in the field of yoga based therapy, and took an intensive training with Elise Miller in 2009 and did a case study course and have experience in teaching yoga for people with scoliosis.   I work with students who have scoliosis and other spinal ailments on a regular basis.


My teaching style is methodical, reflective of the Iyengar method;  I encourage the students in front of me to delve deep into the subject and to challenge themselves to go beyond their comfort zone, while learning the asanas  progressing step by step.

I continue to improve my practical knowledge  by regularly attending workshops and teacher trainings with some of the most respected and reputable teachers around the world. It’s rewarding for me to be able to help my fellow students to gradually advance beyond their perceived limits and succeed in their practice doing what seemed “impossible” just several months/years ago.

 I currently hold an Intermediate Junior III certificate and have completed the 3-year Therapeutic Yoga Teacher training program headed by Manouso Manos, who is my mentor.

I teach yoga in Los Angeles since 2002 and lead workshops and  retreats both locally and internationally.

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